Everyone Is Shopping for This Instead of Jeans Right Now

Aemilia Madden

Like choosing between cake and ice cream or naming a favourite Spice Girl, when forced to pick leggings or jeans, it feels almost sacrilegious. But while both remain ever popular, this fall marks a new era in what we want to wear. According to a recent study, in the past three months, online orders for leggings have surpassed those of skinnies. Whether it's for working out or just playing it cool, leggings have become a wardrobe must.

Don't write off denim just yet, though; both styles have increasing sales, and women actually tend to spend more on jeans (around $62) than they do on leggings (about half of that). When it all comes down to it, it's leggings the reign supreme for 2016!

Read on to shop leggings now.

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