12 Women in Their 30s on the Best Thing They Bought This Year

Allyson Payer

I've learned a number of things since turning 30 a few years ago, like that Delta Comfort is worth every penny, life is too short for cheap wine, and every cookie should be sprinkled with sea salt (trust me on all three). But, perhaps most importantly, I learned how to be a more mindful shopper. As a result, I'm more content with the purchases I make, and I don't find myself donating or selling them as quickly as I did in my 20s.

Assuming I'm not alone in my post-30 shopping enlightenment, I asked 11 other women in their 30s what the single best thing they bought in 2018 was. Reading the responses of these stylish women was intriguing and enlightening, and it's clear that they, too, are proud of the mindful purchases they made this year. Keep scroll to shop the best things 12 women in their 30s bought this year.

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