My Entire Text Exchange With My Mom Is Links From Shopbop—43 Finds We Both Loved



Since I live in New York and my mom lives in Michigan, we don't get to see each other as much as either of us would like to. Instead, most of our face time happens on, well, FaceTime. We also text. And by text, I mean that I'm sending her links to things in my various shopping carts that I need her opinion on. (I'm a Libra, and it especially shows when I try to make any type of decision ever.) 

But to my pleasant surprise, my 58-year-old mom recently took our often one-sided link exchange to a more mutual level, and she's finally beginning to send me shopping links right back. More specifically, she's been sending me Shopbop links, likely because I bombarded her with my own finds from the retailer multiple times this month. 

To celebrate the momentous occasion, I organized our spring and summer wish lists from Shopbop—both of which had to go through the other's thorough review process—below. Keep scrolling to see what made the cut.

My mom's Shopbop wish list:

"I already own a few of Madewell's tees, but it never hurts to get a fresh one."

"I'm 5'0", but this style of jeans—slightly flared with a higher waist—makes me look way taller."

"I love the cropped cut of this jacket. Plus, I've always associated tweed with spring and summer."

"I wouldn't normally go for such bright, tall sandals, but something about this pair is calling out to me."

"I'll never say no to a slightly oversize button-down shirt, especially one that still appears to have some shape to it."

"I like that the material of this dress allows you to go sans jacket at night without getting chilly."

"When you get to be my age, you really don't want to expose your skin to the sun very often. Hats like this one are perfect for covering up but still looking cute."

"I personally love how the bodice of this shirt is more fitted while the sleeves aren't. It has a vintage appeal to it that I'm always looking out for."

"Anytime I only have to pick out one piece to make an outfit work, I'm going to." 

"I like the slightly longer sleeve length on this fitted tee. It feels way more elevated than most T-shirts."

"These are my all-time favorite sneakers for every day, and not just because they're one of the few brands that make small shoe sizes easily accessible."

"I've been buying my underwear and bras from Hanky Panky for years and probably always will."

"This blazer length is ideal for people my size. I'm really not a fan of the more oversize fits that are trendy these days. This style is much more flattering."

"This color feels timeless to me."

"I'm a Pilates instructor, so I spend a lot of time in stretchy athletic clothes like this. I like that these feel a bit fresher than the leggings we've all been wearing these last few years."

"These are the secret to avoiding creases after putting your hair up."

"I carry around a lot of stuff, so I pretty much only use tote bags like this. I like that it has a drawstring closure, though, to make sure all of that stuff doesn't escape."

"Here's another of that same fitted-bodice, poofy-sleeves silhouette that I love."

"When it's warm out, I love to wear easy skirts like this one. They're so comfortable yet still look put-together." 

"I've always loved wearing interesting, colored stones as jewelry. This blue-green is stunning."

"Not too skinny, not too straight. These jeans are just right."

"I want everything to be cashmere. Everything."

My Shopbop wish list:

Sometimes, the back of a dress can outdo the front. This is one of those times.

I can think of about a dozen different outfits to wear these with. 

I have over 20 pairs of jeans in my closet, yet this vintage-inspired pair is calling my name. 

This top combines my two favorite things: Y2K boob tubes and cashmere. 

My Arizona sandals have seen better days (I got them in high school), so it's time for a fresh pair.

Is this not the perfect day-to-night dress for summer? I'm in love.

Green lenses always make a pair of sunglasses look cooler. 

I actually told my mom to buy this top last month from Nordstrom, and now, I'm the one who wants it.

Wait until you see the back of this mini.

Luxe doesn't even begin to describe this ribbed button-down.

Bags aren't really my thing, so when I do buy one, I need it to be pretty classic since I'll likely carry it daily for a long time. This one seems like it could fit all of my essentials and then some, and I love that the shoulder strap is slightly longer than most.

This jacket is begging for compliments. In other words, I need it.

And the award for best white tank top goes to…

I've tried a lot of bikinis in my time as a fashion editor, and the one I own from Tory Burch is my absolute favorite.

Shop the matching Solid String Bikini Bottoms ($118).

My mom's not the only one who recognizes the importance of stylish sun protection.

I tried this dress on recently, and wow, it's a beauty. 

This color will so look pretty with a little bit of sun come summer.

Crochet and summer go hand in hand. 

I've been searching for running shoes that can actually double as cool everyday sneakers, and I think I've finally found them. 

I just tried these on and was surprised to find that I absolutely loved them. 

I've had my eye on these ever since Kendall Jenner wore a similar pair a few months ago. They just look so expensive.

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