Considering everything that's going on in this world (economically and otherwise), we know that it can feel a little frivolous to focus on things like fashion. After all, the turmoil that we feel when struggling to put together a suitably professional outfit every morning is peanuts compared to the unrest going on around the globe. That said, when you're ready to take a rest from reading headlines and enjoy a bit of escapism, we're here to help with our newly restocked closet. We hope you'll enjoy the pieces we're excited about, whether that's Supersocial's amazing pumpkin Adri Jacket ($159), Jeffrey Campbell's Studded Qui Flats ($95), or Forever 21's Fab Feather Wallet ($7.50), which is available in a few colour combinations. We particularly concentrated on sleuthing out the best budget-friendly products for our Under $100 section, so don't miss our excellent finds in that department-even if you're just window shopping!
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