9 Emerging Italian Brands Everyone's Going to Be Talking About

Lauren Eggertsen

Fashion, like people, is fickle. At the whim of an ever-changing trend cycle, the industry forces its most loyal followers to live in a constant state of transition, whether that means being disappointed by the induction of new creative directors at iconic brands (#oldcéline) or stressed by the growing list of things we "need" for each coming season. While those factors may be real and tedious, they do give way to one of our favourite parts of this wild industry: celebrating designers the masses might not know about yet. It's one of my favourite jobs as an editor, at least, and it highlights why change is good; it gives way to fresh, new perspectives from all over the world. Today, we're honing in on one part of the globe in particular, spotlighting the Italian designers everyone will be clamoring for before you know it.

To help us with our discovery of the Mediterranean labels to know this year, we reached out to Marco Tonizzo, director of merchandising at Yoox, for the brands the luxury site is currently paying attention to. It also just so happens that Yoox is currently curating a campaign called "Italian For…" that honours these emerging Italian designers, and we got to take our pick from the ones that we think you'd like the most.

"As part of the 'Italian For…' campaign to celebrate Italian style and creativity," Tonizzo says, "Yoox has handpicked over 100 brands in clothing, footwear, accessories, and jewellery to highlight the renowned principles of Italian excellence in fashion: creativity, innovation, style, craftsmanship, design, and heritage. The resulting selection uniquely represents the best of Italian lifestyle, creativity, and culture as offered by exceptional niche Italian brands, giving customers in the United States the chance to discover all these brands within a single destination on Yoox."

Ready to see the designers who stood out to us the most? Go on to shop our favourite pieces and to read up on what makes these brands so special, according to Marco Tonizzo.

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