So You Can Now Custom-Design Your Own Pair of Sneakers

Amanda Bardas

We hope you’re sitting down for this news. Shoe Of Prey—the custom Australian shoe brand favoured primarily by brides wanting an extra pair of special shoes on their wedding day—has announced today that it is expanding into fully customisable fashion sneakers. In recent years, sneakers have progressed beyond a weekend essential, and into a true wardrobe hero—a pair of shoes you can wear in the office without turning heads (depending how corporate your office is). And now, you can really make them your own.

If you’ve never jumped on the Shoes Of Prey website and had a play, we urge you to try it immediately—it’s a bit like those Build-a-Bear parties of our childhood, but potentially even more fun. This new launch promises to deliver your custom sneakers to your door step within one-to-two weeks, which when you think about it, is pretty speedy for a pair of kicks you designed yourself.

Apparently there are more than 10 trillion possible style combinations you can dream up, and with prices starting at only $189, we’re confused about why you’re still here, and not designing.

Keep scrolling to take a peep at the new sneaker range, then head over to Shoes Of Prey to design your own.


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