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We know her as the creator and producer of fashion and lifestyle blog Peace Love Shea, but more recently, Shea Marie has taken up design. Since successfully launching her swimwear brand, Same Swim, in 2015, the California native has already finished her second collection of one-piece wonders and ultra-chic bikini sets. The brand, which has garnered attention from fashion girls like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, can be shopped at some of the best boutiques around.

Ahead, Marie fills us in on her latest collection.

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Same Swim The Catch Top ($256)

WHO WHAT WEAR: We can’t believe you are already on your second Same Swim collection. Congratulations! What’s new this season?

SHEA MARIE: When we started our first collection, it was a lot of trial and error. It was getting the fit, the stitching, and the construction of the suits right, and making sure production was flowing smoothly. So once we worked out all the kinks of starting a new brand, I had a lot more freedom with design and adding in new styles for the second season. Definitely, our cheetah is a big part of the new collection—it’s our first print—and our one-pieces are launching at the end of the month. We’ve been working on them for a while, so we’re excited about it.

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WWW: Why did you want to create a capsule collection dedicated to cheetah print? 

SM: I’ve always been a huge fan of everything leopard and/or cheetah print. I consider cheetah a neutral and a wardrobe staple, so it only seemed fitting that it would be our first print. We didn’t want to use a premade fabric and run the risk of someone else having the same one or something too similar, so we had it designed for us by a graphic designer. It’s all of those extra little things that make a piece so much more special.

WWW: Let’s talk about the one-piece. It’s super chic! What was important about the look and cut of this style?

SM: We have two different one-pieces that both show off the perfect amount of skin. We have a one-piece with a high neckline that shows a little more butt and is cut higher on the hips (to make your legs look miles long). Our other one-piece has a plunging low neckline but doesn't show as much otherwise. You shouldn’t ever show it all; it should be a good balance.

WWW: We see you started playing with bright colour and print combinations. Are there any other swimwear trends you think will be major this season? 

SM: You always have more freedom with bright or neon colours with spring and summer collections. I tested so many different colours; it was like a science experiment in our office.

Hailey Baldwin



Same Swim The Catch Bikini Top ($260)

WWW: What colours make you look the most tan?

SM: [Laughs] That’s exactly what our suit in the orange sherbet colour does. I've never felt more tan in any bathing suit I’ve ever owned. 

Tove Lo



Same Swim The Babe Bandeau Top ($260)

WWW: What are you finding are the collection’s most popular styles? What about certain cuts?

SM: For tops, the Catch Triangle Top has by far been the most popular style, and the bottoms are pretty even across the board. We’ve received a lot of thank-yous from people who say our Everything Bottom has moderate coverage and isn’t too skimpy like many swimwear brands today. It makes it suitable for women of all ages. But we just introduced a new bottom called the Cheeky Bottom ($260). It’s for girls (like me) who want to show just a little more booty.

Ania Boniecka



Same Swim The Catch Bikini Top ($260)

WWW: Same Swim is getting love from some pretty great It girls, including Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. What was your initial reaction when you saw them wearing your designs?

SM: Obviously a designer wants nothing more than the top It girls in the world wearing their designs. The thing that was so special about it is that we hadn’t sent out any gifts, so to think that they actually liked the suits so much that they (or probably their stylists) picked them out on their own really was a dream come true.

I mean, I 100% believe in my brand because they are literally the suits of my dreams. I guess it’s selfish to say it, but I design for myself or the type of girl like me. So to see other girls whose style I admire loving the suits is extremely validating and rewarding. You can do all the advertising and marketing you want, but nothing takes the place of truly honest and natural press.

Kendall Jenner


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Same Swim The Everything Bottom ($260)

WWW: Do you have a new favourite suit?

SM: Ugh, it’s so hard to choose. The cheetah in the Catch Triangle Top and Cheeky Bottom is my current go-to that I can't take off. 

Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland



Same Swim The Catch Triangle Top ($300)

Which of these suits do you want to add to your swim collection for a winter getaway? Do you have a favourite cut or colour? Please tell us in the comments below!

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