Selena Gomez Wore Controversial Sneakers to Film Her New Movie

Allyson Payer

Selena Gomez is sort of the celebrity queen of cool sneakers, so we're used to seeing her don both classic styles and new trends, on a pretty much weekly basis. This week, Gomez has been flexing her acting chops in New York, on the set of the new Woody Allen film (also starring Elle Fanning). While on set today, Gomez was spotted wearing a classic outfit combination of a white tee, jeans, and sneakers—much like something she'd wear in real life. Naturally, we were curious as to which sneakers Woody Allen himself may have approved for Gomez's character, and we quickly recognised them as the style with quite a controversial past: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand's Super Star sneakers. 

You may recall that last season, people were up in arms that the brand was charging hundreds of dollars for pre-distressed sneakers. While Gomez's scuffed white kicks are a little more tame, the pair in question featured duct tape and torn laces. As a result of the backlash, Golden Goose even issued a statement, saying that they were proud of the pricey controversial sneakers, which paid homage to the West Coast's skater culture. 

Whatever your thoughts may be about the sneakers, you can't argue with the fact that Gomez wears them well.

Below, see her look on set earlier today and shop her sneakers, if you're so inclined. 

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