1. Futurism

The future is present on the Spring 2007 runways. While some space-age looks venture into extreme territory-the gold plated-pants at Balenciaga are clearly currently channeling Star Wars' C-3P0-it's relatively easy to incorporate this seasonal theme into one's wardrobe. It might be something as simple as picking up Roger Vivier's metallic gold clutch. Bergdorf Goodman already has a waiting list for the $750 accessory, which they project to be the season's "it" bag. Or perhaps you could pick up a pair of Lucite hoops a la Lanvi's runway jewellery look. Large-lens, translucent-framed sunglasses (versions seen at Balenciaga, Dior, Bottega, Givenchy and Stella) are another Jetsons touch that brings to mind Timbuk 3's 1986 hit. To steal from the band, clearly the future's so bright, we gotta wear shades.

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