The Advice We'd Give SJP Instagramming Her Shoes

Gina Marinelli

Sarah Jessica Parker is a triple threat, a business lady, and a style icon, yet even someone as talented as she can have trouble from time to time when it comes to Instagram. It can be pretty tricky capturing a beautiful image with the constraints of your mobile phone screen. And that’s exactly the scene that was captured of the New Yorker this past weekend, as she sat on a stoop attempting the perfect shoe selfie (or shoefie, if that’s your style).

We know the struggle is very real when it comes to truly double-tap worthy images. So, for future shoe selfies, here are two tips that we already swear by. Firstly, we use the grid function within Instagram to make sure our feet are aligned just so. In this case, Parker went for a more tilted composition, but to each her own. And secondly, we always add a cute accessory to bring even more dimension to the photo—a tip which she totally utilised with her black fedora. The end result was quite lovely, of course, but if SJP needs any future tips on how to make her clothes shine on social media, we're here for you.

Scroll down to check out the final Instagram.




"Well my bags are packed and I'm ready to go" x, sj

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