The $60 H&M Sweater Sarah Ellen Is Obsessed With

Australian actress and creative director Sarah Ellen is fast becoming one of our most exciting exports. Aside from her epic YouTube fame (you might recognise Ellen as the "Girl With a Funny Talent"), she's amassed almost a million Instagram followers and has a growing roster of acting credits, so no doubt you're about to become even more familiar with the rising star.

After landing a role in Westfield's A/W 17 campaign, celebrating fashion for all generations, we caught up with Ellen over email (she's currently splitting her time between Sydney and L.A.) to find out the trends she's most excited to wear this season.

Read on to find out, and discover the $60 H&M sweater she loves.



Who What Wear Australia: What excites you about working with Westfield?

Sarah Ellen: Westfield is one of those places that remind me of my childhood. When I was younger I remember saving up money for shopping trips with my friends on the weekend. The Westfield in the Sydney CBD was my favourite because we could be there for a whole day walking around (it's so huge!), and I’d spend all my savings on my favourite stores and then window shop the designers that I aspired to wear one day. I love that I can work with a brand that has made an imprint on my childhood—I think that’s pretty cool. I was also excited that I got to work with a group of such talented and eclectic families, along with my brother! The way that Westfield brought together family and fashion, with music and art (all things I live for!) felt really special. 

WWW: What trends are you excited to wear this autumn?

SE: I feel like bold colours are coming back into fashion—I'm excited to be wearing more colour this season. I loved the H&M Knitted Jumper With Frills ($60) I wore for the shoot and the printed Seed Heritage dress—they’re both such stand out items.

WWW: What do you predict will be the three biggest trends for autumn/winter?

SE: From what I've seen overseas at the recent fashion weeks, I think people will be less afraid of rocking a good tracksuit pant, styled with a cool leather jacket and boots. I also predict statement earrings will continue to make their way back into fashion this season. But overall, I think fashion these days has become more about celebrating individuality and expressing who you are, rather than what is 'trending' or 'in fashion'—this is a timeless trend I love! 

WWW: If you make one splurge this season, what should it be?

SE: I've been LOVING the recent collections from Gucci. A Gucci bag is definitely next on my 'Treat Yo'self list’.

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Opening image: Getty Images

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