French Girls Swear By This $23 Amazon Tool for Perfect Waves in Under 3 Minutes



I don't know about you, but I just don't have the time, patience, or arm strength to conquer a super-complicated or time-intensive hairstyle each morning. In an effort to minimize damage and maintenance, I've been on a bit of an air-drying streak, and when I do choose to style my hair, I want something that looks amazing (obviously), but that's pretty noncommittal in terms of effort, product requirements, and styling prowess. 

In a recent Instagram post, one of our favorite French fashion and beauty muses Sabina Socol shared some thoughts on her current hair routine and the style that apparently earned her lots of styling questions and compliments during NYFW. Now that she's been spending more time at home, she wanted to take the opportunity to do a little tutorial showcasing the fast, easy-breezy process for creating her signature mermaid-esque waves. The best part? You only need a few strategic products to try the look out for yourself, and the star of the show (a throwback hair-waver) is only $23 on Amazon. Keep scrolling! We're breaking down Socol's Instagram how-to for you below. 

Step 1: Use a Hot Air Brush to Straighten Your Hair

According to Socol, a normal hair dryer causes her hair to dry thicker and with lots of voluminous texture, which isn't the goal here. Everyone has different hair preferences and different textures, but she prefers to flatten her hair as much as possible pre-wave. Socol uses Dyson's splurge-worthy Air Wrap for this first step, but you can get a super-similar result using Revlon's buzzy alternative below.

Step 2: Use a Straightener to Amp Up the Shine 

To flatten the hair even more and add lots of shine, Socol says following your blow-dry with a straightener is key. For a Jennifer Aniston–type vibe, make sure you use the straightener to curl your ends a touch so they're not stick-straight. We're not sure exactly which straightener Socol used in her tutorial, but here are two of our favorites. The GHD is a must-have among editors and celebrity hairstylists, and the Remington maintains a whopping 4.5 star-rating with over 11,000 reviews on Amazon.

Step 3: Create Your Waves

In the caption of her tutorial, Socol notes the hair waver she uses is from Amazon, but she can't remember the brand. Luckily, we're almost certain it's this top-selling (and budget-friendly) pick from Revlon.

Making her way all around her head, Socol notes she doesn't bother to section her hair during this step because she wants to avoid creating a look that's too precise. She explains she's going for a style that's easy, quick, and natural-looking.

Amika's High Tide Deep Waver ($120) is another option, which I personally use to create beachy, mermaid-inspired waves.

Step 4: Spritz in Some Hair Texturizer

Last but not least, Socol finishes off her style by spritzing "a random hair texturizing spray" all over her hair for an extra touch of volume and texture. Again, we're not sure which hair texturizer Socol used, but Oribe's iconic formula is the gold standard within the industry. That said, we think affordable brands like OGX and Not Your Mother's make fab options that fall under the $10 mark. 

Shop Sabina's French Beauty Edit

Looking for more French-girl beauty staples to experiment with? Keep scrolling for additional hair, makeup, and skincare products Socol loves to use within her beauty routine. 

In a recent interview with Rose Inc., Socol spilled lots of beauty intel—including a few product must-haves that keep her skin glowing and clear. Less is more for Socol, and she swears by a simple three-step regimen consisting of a cleanser, a serum, and a cream. 

"I double-wash my skin at night and then put on a serum and a cream," she told the publication. "I either use a serum and cream from Joëlle Ciocco or La Mer’s The Concentrate Serum ($370) along with their famous cream, Crème de la Mer Moisturizer ($180). Both versions feel nourishing and thick, which I love for nighttime routines. In the morning, I just use water on my face to wash, not products."

A quick word of advice? Stock up on The Concentrate Serum from La Mer fast. It consistently sells out at retailers like Nordstrom. Sticker shock? The brand also makes a mini size that's significantly less expensive (but still indulgent) at $190. 

For the ultimate at-home self-care ritual, Socol likes to kill two birds with one stone by watching Netflix and nourishing her strands simultaneously. She says sleeping in Kérastase's Elixir Ultimate Hair Mask ($62) once every 10 days or so keeps her hair hydrated. Just wash it out in the morning and go.

In the same interview, Socol admits that she's not a fan of her dark circles and that she relies on Glossier's Stretch Concealer for some extra coverage. 

"A lot of blush" is Socol's big beauty MO. This 12-hour formula from Tarte Cosmetics is her fave. 

For polished yet natural-looking brows, she reaches this universal brow gel from Eyeko London. 

Last but not least (in terms of makeup), Socol tells Rose Inc. she loves to use this brown shade of lip liner (called Oak) from MAC. "It's very '90s supermodel," she explains. 

"I used to use my same perfume for 10 years. It was Diptyque's Tam Dao Eau de Toilette ($140)," Socol shares. "Now I have one for the summer and one for the winter, both unisex." 

For winter, Socol loves this sweet pick from Penhaligon. It has top notes of cardamom and coffee; middle notes of jasmine sambac and firabs; and base notes of incense resinoid, white vanilla tahitensis, and oud Laos oil.)

For spring, Socol opts for another popular pick from Diptyque, L’Ombre dans l’Eau Eau de Toilette ($180). She describes it as woody but fresh. 

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