I'm Taking a Hard Pass on These Royal-Approved Fashion Items

Allyson Payer

As we've discussed in the past, the British royal family's strict set of unspoken fashion "rules" undoubtedly has a way of hindering their personal style preferences. (Although, Meghan Markle has been making an attempt to subtly break some of them.) For that reason, it's somewhat tricky for them to try the latest trends or experiment with a new look, both of which are things that I enjoy doing. You could say that the typical royal family wardrobe is dated, but I find it to be more conservative and classic than dated. 

I wouldn't call my style particularly conservative, and much of what the royal family regularly wears just doesn't appeal to me, even though they always look chic. I just can't see myself pulling off a sheath dress and a pillbox hat anytime soon, but there are other items that are royal family–approved that I would wear.

Keep scrolling to check out the royal-approved fashion items I'm skipping, and shop the ones I'm wearing instead.

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