Relatable: Rowan Blanchard Was "Very Overwhelmed" About Sitting Next to Oprah

Erin Fitzpatrick

Picture it: You're 16 years old and just landed your first big-budget Disney film. Oh, and it stars none other than Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling. Sounds like a lot of pressure, right? Well, Rowan Blanchard took the experience all in stride—except, of course, when it came to sitting next to Oprah on a panel for the first time. 

Blanchard plays a high school mean girl in Disney's A Wrinkle in Time, in theatres on Friday, March 9. We sat down with the multitalented actress, activist, author, and style star at the film's press junket in Los Angeles, where Blanchard told us about what it's like being in the same room as Oprah. "I was just like, 'Wow, thank you, God and this universe because I did not see this for myself,'" Blanchard told us about promoting the same film as the icon. 

Read on for our full chat with Blanchard, including her high praise for her co-stars, her best-selling book Still Here, and, naturally, some thoughts on '90s trends and Levi's jeans thrown in for good measure. 

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