The Affordable Fashion Brand You'll Spot in Every Cool Girl's Closet

Kristen Nichols

Late last year, I met with Thora Valdimars in New York. We happened to have overlapping travel dates in NYC, so I was eager to meet in person to hear all about Rotate, a newly launched label she founded alongside Jeanette Friis Madsen. A fixture on the street style scene, Valdimars has a cool command on fashion that artfully blends streetwear with forward silhouettes. Madsen similarly has a penchant modern shapes and a masterful eye for bold colour. Together, their fashion impulses inform their cool label.

On that morning in NYC, we sat down at The Butcher’s Daughter and chatted all about the brand. Soon after the breakfast, Rotate debuted on Net-a-Porter, and my Instagram feed became a steady stream of insiders wearing pieces from the label. Notably, the pieces are all between $250 and $560—a notably low price point compared to other brands sold by luxury retailers where they’re stocked. Interested to find out more about how the fashion insiders got their start and what we can expect from Rotate in the coming year, I chatted with Valdimars over food. Keep reading for our conversation.

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