The Australian Brand That's Building a Relationship Between Fashion and Art


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Earlier this week, there was one notable presentation that took Fashion Week Australia by storm. Set in a Parisian bistro, the Romance Was Born 2019 Resort show, in partnership with Etihad Airways, hearkened to an idealised 1930's City of Lights. The collection’s ornate designs, paired with the whimsical set and ethereal atmosphere made for a show we won’t soon forget. Posing by a large cut-out moon with stars hanging overhead, the models flaunted garments that sparkled and shone as they struck cheeky poses.

While the presentation was definitely unique compared with other runway presentations at Fashion Week Australia, it’s exactly what we would expect from Romance Was Born. With a commitment to establishing a relationship between fashion and art, the label has positioned itself in a uniquely creative space since its conception. The brand’s site put’s it best, stating that Romance Was Born creates, “clothing that is more than just a beautiful garment—they create immersive cultural experiences that provoke an emotional response.”

But how does a fashion line evoke  a level of emotion akin to what an impressive painting or powerful film would? The answer is simple: Artistic collaboration. By collaborating with names like  Disney, Marvel, Lego, May Gibbs, Linda Jackson, Jenny Kee, the Sydney Theatre Company and the National Gallery of Victoria, the clothing line has transcended far beyond the fashion space. In intermingling their expert design skills with the inspiration of artistic visionaries, the brand’s founders have created a place where its clothes can feel at once accessible and overtly unique—and the recent collection is no exception.

For the collection shown at Fashion Week Australia, The Australian reports that Romance Was Born worked with the Australian icon, Jenny Kee. By referring to the designer’s archive, Romance Was Born, reimagined some of her classic prints through a new lens—and the result was nothing short of astonishing. While fashion is undeniably an art-form itself, Romance Was Born reaffirms the notion that it does not exist within a vacuum. Though trends may come and go, showcasing and recognising laudable talent will remain impressive forever. Though Kee’s rise to fame may have been decades ago, this collaboration proves that an artistic vision can withstand the test of time, and even intermingle with more modern fashions. In embracing art as it does, Romance Was Born is carving out its own artistic history, and hope that it only continues to do so for years to come.


Click through to peep our favourite looks from the Romance Was Born show at Fashion Week Australia, 2018: 

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