Rihanna Will Always Be the Queen of Bold Style—Here's Proof

Gina Marinelli

You don’t have to research too extensively to find out that Rihanna is a modern-day style icon. The CFDA has already officiated it. And still, there’s a special reason that the title is bestowed upon her: The singer/designer is straight-up fearless when it comes to what she wears.

Rihanna is the kind of fashion lover who dresses for herself, eschewing what’s so-called flattering, expected, or on trend for what feels good. She’s championed cool, under-the-radar designers at major red carpet events, is the first to wear the (sometimes polarising) items we see on the runways of Fashion Week, and don’t even get us started on her dedication to adhering to the Met Gala dress code.

But as always, it’s the streets where Rihanna’s fashion know-how shines, where she doesn’t hesitate to wear everything from skinny jeans to lace-up boot leggings to sweatsuits to naked heels. Ahead, take a look at the ensembles that will solidify her place in fashion history and inspire so many re-creations of her timeless looks.

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