We Feel Most Relaxed When We Wear These 6 Chic, Laid-Back Pieces

Comfort is the name of our fashion game these days. With a focus on coziness as we spend more time at home, it's those "soft trends" that really reign supreme. You know, pieces that aren't totally constricting and have more of that loungewear element. On that note, there are actually a few key comfy pieces that continue to make the rounds in all of our wardrobes this season. And to be honest, when we wear said items, we tend to feel the most relaxed given that full-on comfort and low-key nature.

Naturally, we wanted to share some of these laid-back pieces with you in case you're interested in adding a fresh item to your cozy wardrobe. Below you'll uncover our top picks of the moment that are easy and comfortable, but also chic at the same time. We're talking things like elevated sweaters and trendy, loose outerwear. You'll also find a bit of outfit inspiration as well. Okay, enough chatting. Keep scrolling for more.


"While I have been getting dressed up every now and then, I've been living in sweatpants most days since working from home. I've found that throwing on some jewelry and adding a polished bag makes me feel a little more put-together when wearing them. And while I normally stick to neutrals, I've been really gravitating to this shade of forest green which feels like a dose of nature."—Kristen Nichols, senior editor

Ribbed Pants

"I've been upgrading my collection. of ribbed knits these past few months (dresses, cardigans—you name it), but I think my favorite has been ribbed pants. They feel just a little bit chicer than sweatpants without going too far out of my comfort zone. I'm excited to style them more, I think I'll pair it with an oversized button-down and mules next."—Yusra Siddiqui, assistant editor

Relaxed Basics

The best relaxed basics



"I've been turning to relaxed and oversize versions of my wardrobe basics right now as a refreshing break from all the loungewear I usually default to. One piece, in particular, are these loose trousers with a low-slung fit. They're a nice comfy middle ground between wearing jeans or sweats and give an elevated polish to my WFH attire."—Anna LaPlaca, associate editor

Button-Up Dresses

"I've always loved dresses, but in particular, as my cravings for being in anything but loungewear have spiked in the past months, I've been relying heavily on cotton button-up and wrap dresses. They're perfect because they're not only incredibly easy to throw on in the morning, but it gives me the feeling of being way chicer than I actually am."—Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, editor

The best quilted coats for women



"This coat is my favorite thing right now. It's so oversize that every sweater and sweatshirt I own fit under it without ever looking like I'm stuffed into it. I'm also obsessed with the velvet piping and how lightweight yet warm it is. I'm going to be sad when winter is over and I have to retire it for the time being."—Allyson Payer, senior editor

Loose Joggers

The best joggers



I basically just live in joggers these days—especially those styles that are a tad looser for a more relaxed feel. If I want to look more dressed up, I'll throw on a slouchy blazer like with this 'fit.

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