Rejina Pyo Is Making Us Rethink Everything About Our Style


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Have you ever stumbled across a style that makes you stop in your tracks and ask yourself, “why didn’t I think of this before?” Whether it’s a new silhouette, unique detailing, or interesting colour combo, some pieces stand out to the extent that it seems crazy for fashion to have gone so long without them.

While a number of designers create notable game-changers from time to time, one brand in particular deserves a call-out. Refreshingly different, London-based Rejina Pyo rolls out show stopping styles on a seemingly endless basis. Inspired by classics, the brand then turns these styles on their heads to creating something undeniably fun.

With modernised cat-eye sunglasses, quirky buttons, and heels to write home about, Rejina Pyo is embracing creativity in fashion; and it’s encouraging us to do the same. According to the brand's website, it is “built upon a philosophy that explores dressing as an everyday phenomenon, both mundane and extraordinary”. With a vision “to create modern, wearable pieces that encourage individual instincts”, Rejina Pyo is the embodiment of our April theme: Freestyle.

By amping up our old go-to's in unexpected ways, the brand is reminding us that fashion is fun. We should embrace the styles we love, no matter how quirky they may seem. In fact, we have a hunch that it’s this quirkiness factor in particular which has launched the brand into mainstream popularity. In incorporating interesting details into its designs, Rejina Pyo is creating memorable pieces unlike everything we’ve seen before—a notion too often underestimated in fashion.

While trends come and go, personal style is forever. Rather than fighting to fit into whatever “of the moment” styles may or may not suit us as individuals, we should all take a note from the brand and embrace what makes us different. And shopping the brand’s funky pieces may just be a great place to start. To see our favourite picks, keep scrolling.  


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