22 Rehearsal Dinner Dresses for Cool Brides

Allyson Payer

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

As far as wedding attire goes, it's the wedding dress that gets the majority of the attention (as it should), but there are other things to think about that should be more than just an afterthought, e.g., your rehearsal dinner dress. The evening before the main event is usually more relaxed, so you can have a little more fun with your dress.

Many brides choose to stick with the white or blush theme, but others choose to think outside the box a bit and wear something blue, metallic, or even red. The most important factor when it comes to your rehearsal dinner dress is that you feel beautiful enough and it's special enough to stand out, even if other attendees are wearing the same colour or style of dress. 

Since few rules apply when it comes to choosing the perfect rehearsal dinner dress, it can be a bit overwhelming, so we took the initiative and found 21 dresses that would suit the momentous occasion beautifully. 

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