I Almost Exclusively Wear Pants, But this Cult-Favourite Skirt Won Me Over

Anna LaPlaca

At the risk of sounding like just another annoying hipster, I'm going to admit something to you. Whenever any one item or brand gains widespread popularity seemingly overnight, I tend to hesitate and run the other way. Most of the time this is simply because I have specific taste, but there are definitely moments where I avoid what's popular purely out of spite. (I promise I'm not that cynical in real life.)

Well, this is what happened with Réalisation's cult-favourite Naomi slip skirt. You know the story: After selling out of the original leopard-print version a whopping four times, the skirt went viral, and one scroll through Instagram confirms that literally everyone owns it. Cue my flight-or-flight response, except for one thing: Deep down, I really love the skirt. This put me in a predicament for two reasons: 1) I didn't want to dress like everyone else, and 2) I'm not a skirt person.

Alas, Réalisation nearly read my mind and finally came out with a new all-black colorway: the Naomi Romance skirt. I, of course, jumped at the chance to try it out for myself, and as the headline suggests, it was love at first wear. To see how I styled the new slip skirt and shop it for yourself, keep reading. Be warned, though, that there are only a few sizes still available, so place an order sooner than later.

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