The 4 Australian Dresses You're About to See on Literally Everyone

Lauren Eggertsen

Everyone's favourite Australian brand, Réalisation, just released its new holiday collection, and yes, it's even better than we could have imagined. After everyone purchased and posted (on Instagram) the famous Naomi Skirt in leopard print, we weren't quite sure how many other cult items the It-girl brand could come up with, but sure enough, it dropped a whole collection that surpassed our expectations.

This new holiday collection was shot in Hawaii, playing off this concept of the brand being a "cult" label. "We wanted to showcase more of what Réalisation is about: friends being mischievous, being barefoot, being seductive, being a gang, being away together, and being free," a brand representative from Réalisation told us. "We wanted to release new pieces this time of year to align with the 'resort' and 'party' collections, which are popular during this season. Everything, in true Réalisation style, is designed so it can be dressed up or down to take you from the bar to the beach."

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