100,000 Bridal Clients Later, These Are the Common Wedding Dress Mistakes I See

Gina Marinelli

Most brides might argue that the experience of planning a wedding is stressful and eye-opening enough to account for a lifetime of lessons. In reality, Randy Fenoli has been a part of 100,000 of them. It’s an estimate but, frankly, a conservative one. “I worked at Kleinfeld for five years, and Kleinfeld sees about 18,000 brides a year; I’d see at least 15,000 of those,” he tells us. That’s already 75,000 brides without accounting for Fenoli’s entire 26 years in the industry. That includes the ’90s when, as he recalls, he put on 24 trunk shows every year, as well as the gig most of us will recognise him for: as the star of Say Yes to the Dress—and that’s already on season 16.

Fenoli’s been front and center to nearly every bridal appointment gone well and gone terribly wrong on the cult hit TV show, and that’s a big reason we asked him to steer us straight on the mistakes brides-to-be often make when shopping for a wedding dress. After this nearly three-decade career, there’s one misstep that happens time and time again. “Not setting the ground rules before you bring in your entourage,” he tells us.

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