The Happiest Trend of 2018 Is Here

Aemilia Madden


When you boil it all down, fashion is forever tied to feeling. What you put on in the morning can offer a boost of confidence, just as your new sneakers can excite your Hypebae BFF. Well, there is good news for those of us looking for an added dose of happiness this season, as we've found just the trend. Eye-catching rainbow stripes have started cropping up everywhere, and not to get cheesy on you, but it's hard not to smile when you see someone pull them off. While the advent of Pride Month makes the trend especially pertinent this June, it's poised to be a top pick for much longer.

Colour has been a core story across the trend spectrum this year—neons, power clashing, pastels—this year is the one to push ROY-G-BIV boundaries, especially if it's something you've shied away from before. But if you're worried about coming off as childish, we'd assert that this is a trend for every age.

Truthfully, the key is leaning into the full-on saturation. Pair the stripes with other colourful pieces or with something white so they pop. Part of the fun of rocking rainbow stripes is the fact that they're carefree. As it turns out, there really isn't a wrong way to wear rainbow stripes because hey, it's all about what makes you happy. Full stop.

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