Pyjamas in Public: You're Missing Out If You Haven't Tried It

Gina Marinelli

We all likely fall into one of two camps: Those who barely need an invitation to wear their PJs outside the house and those totally horrified by the thought of it. To those in the latter group, we see your hesitation but fear you’re missing out.

The pyjama dressing trend has been prominent for a few years now, and seeing as so many women currently favour the comfort of sneakers over stilettos or track pants over trousers, it comes as no surprise. Indulging in a silky set or cosy robe at home is a highly encouraged upgrade for any lazy weekend, but there's no reason a Saturday night couldn't benefit as much from a pretty nightgown as a Sunday afternoon can. So ahead, we've provided options for all.

Whether you're only ready to dabble in wearing PJ tops with jeans or are fully prepared to commit to a feather-details suit set, shop all the pyjamas you can—and should—wear in public.

Consider yourself all set to wear pajamas in public, or at the very least, the trend is a big push to finally upgrade your PJ drawer.

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