Everyone Is Clamoring for These "Purse Backpacks"

Anna LaPlaca

During fashion week, we see the same instantly recognisable It bags all over the place, getting snapped up by countless photographers and seen the world over by fans and followers like us. So when we come across under-the-radar handbag styles from those aforementioned luxury brands, it makes the rare find that much more satisfying. But don’t just take it from us that everyone is on the hunt for the vintage Chanels and Guccis of the world. We went straight to the source to discover just how in demand these rare styles really are.

We spoke with Tracy DiNunzio, who founded the luxury resale platform Tradesy in 2013. The site has since become the go-to destination for those looking to sell their well-maintained name-brand pieces and shop for the pre-owned clothes, bags, and shoes they wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. DiNunzio confirmed that the number of people coming to Tradesy for vintage backpacks tripled from April to December of last year.

“We saw more sales of vintage styles from really prominent designers like Chanel, particularly backpacks and fanny packs, than ever before last year,” she told Who What Wear. If there's anything we’ve learned about bag trends in the last year, it’s that pretty purse backpacks are having a major resurgence. All the more reason to hunt down your own highly original bag.

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