Define Your Style Once and For All, With the Help of This 24-Hour Stylist


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Do you ever find yourself yearning for your own personal stylist? We certainly do. When coveting impeccable celebrity outfits, or on those mornings when nothing seems to be fitting right, we can’t help but wish that someone would just decide our outfits for us. There’s no denying it: Sometimes the best looks are the ones that others have helped us to create.

Whether it’s a friend helping you shop, or your sister telling you which earrings look best, styling advice from others can give you a fresh take on your usual style. And while a personal stylist is by no means a cheap way to get a professional perspective, we have found an affordable alternative. You can thank us later.

Meet PS Dept., your new best fashion-friend. The in-app service costs as little as $19 USD (about $25 AUD) per month, and it gives you 24/7 access to a personal stylist, right inside your iPhone. Shopping and can’t decide between two dresses? Ask PS Dept. Don’t know what to wear with your new wide-leg jeans? Ask PS Dept. Need to know where you can find that handbag your favourite influencer just posted on IG? You get the point… All of these are tasks for PS Dept., and you can send a message from anywhere, at anytime to get the answer sorted out by a professional stylist.

Imagine how many outfit-related crises could be averted with PS Dept. You’ll no longer have to rely on your boyfriend’s (questionable) opinion on your wedding-guest outfit. Plus, your shopping game will be that much stronger when you don’t have to waste time trying to hunt down a specific item without a clue where to begin.

For those feeling a little unsure about their personal style, we’d suggest trying out the service to get a professional outlook on what your vibe is and how you can best channel it—even if you don’t end up committing to PS Dept. long term. We promise, that kind of knowledge will be useful for the rest of your life 

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