The Princess Diana Capsule: Everything She Would Still Wear in 2019


Getty Images

It doesn't take very much to see why Princess Diana has been earning more time in the spotlight lately. There's always been an uncanny fascination around the royal family, and with the press following Meghan and Harry's every move post-wedding, it's reached a fever pitch. Our curiosity extends even further to every other member of the royal family, past and present. It's the reason nostalgic photos of Princess Diana outfits keeps popping up all over Instagram.

The Princess of Wales was a style icon of her generation, and while her outfits will always be celebrated, the particular silhouettes she was wearing back then have never been more relevant than they are today. Thanks to the revival of all things '80s fashion, Lady Di's wardrobe seems to have predicted a number of 2019 trends that, were she around today, she'd surely be wearing.

From her version of the perfect party dress to the denim trend she predicted decades ago, keep reading to see how Princess Diana wore 2019's biggest trends first and better.