We Found All the Red Dresses Your Closet Needs ASAP



How's your wardrobe looking? Pretty bland? Then you've come to the right place. This season is all about bright, bold hues, from the much-talked-about Gen Z Yellow (sorry, Millennial Pink) to a slightly more polarising but nonetheless buzzy colour trend: lime green. And now, the latest shade gaining traction (or, well, it's been "hot" for a while now) is anything and everything red, from crimson shoes to today's focus: the prettiest red dresses you're going to want wear nonstop.

While rocking the fiery hue can be slightly more intimidating than wearing a more neutral one, everyone needs at least one red item in their closets. Why? Because it's fun, bold, and eye-catching and, to be quite frank, is an instant confidence booster—so really, what's not to love? Now, are you convinced your wardrobe is in need of some new crimson pieces? Read on to shop the best red dresses to wear everywhere—compliments guaranteed.

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