Pastel Shoes Are About to Belong in Your Wardrobe



The prettiest shoe trend of the season is all about colour. But black-and-white lovers rejoice: It’s totally palatable for you too. That’s because we’re forgoing the fluorescents, neons, and jewel tones in favour of a softer colour palette this year. Pastels are where it’s at when it comes to our footwear this season, and we can’t get enough. It’s the perfect pop of colour with an otherwise monochromatic look, though they certainly don’t scream as the focal point of any look, allowing their elegance to exude above all.

Whether you’re a fan of flat sandals, sky-high stilettos, or chunky year-round loafers or whether you’re showing off your brand-new pedicure or prefer to keep your toes safely in the confines of suede skimmers, it’s time you invest in a pair (or five!) of pastel shoes. Shop our current favourites at every price point below.

We’ve never been more excited to wear colour. How about you?

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