3 Secrets to Knowing the Big Trends BEFORE They Blow Up

Bobby Schuessler

We, like you, prefer to be the first in our friend groups to test out a new trend and set the tone for what to wear for an upcoming season. While we all turn to the runways, celebrities, and retailers in general for inspiration on what's going to be huge, there are actually aspects within these categories—certain designers, brands, and celebs—to specifically look out for to ensure you know about a massive trend before everyone else.

To help pinpoint what to look for, we tapped experts from trend-forecasting website Fashion Snoops: womenswear creative director Melissa Moylan and culture and lifestyle creative director Heather Picquot. The website's broad outlook tracks and analyses slower-moving macro trends that look at cultural trends, from the environment to sociology shifts. Meanwhile, its zoomed-in perspective focuses on fast culture, looking at new stores, brands, runway collections, buzz-worthy celebs, and street style stars. So essentially, the two know what they're talking about to ensure you're always first when it comes to fashion.

Keep scrolling to learn how to spot what will be massive before everyone and their mum does—and shop some of our favourite on-trend items, too.

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