Do You Own the Finishing Piece to Your Bridal Wardrobe?


You’ve thought it all through, from the obvious (wedding dress) to the more minute details (accessories for the rehearsal dinner). But, we’re here to tell you that there may be one aspect you’re forgetting: lounge-wear.

Though it doesn’t seem obvious at first, wedding lounge-wear makes so much sense. Think about it: With all the time spent getting ready with your closest friends doesn’t it make sense that you all have something comfy (and cute) to wear while perfecting hair and makeup for the big event? Plus, it’ll give you and your bridesmaids a cute pair of pyjamas to wear after the wedding, always reminding you of the special occasion.

If you’re not convinced yet, we just found the cutest brand that will change your mind. Created by two friends, Pomme makes shirts, shorts, and robes to fit with any bride’s theme. The brand’s site describes itself as “ contemporary lounge-wear label that delivers a curated collection of effortless and elegant wedding day essentials for the stylish bride and her posse”—and we must say, after browsing the site, we agree.

With simple, comfortable silhouettes and pretty colours, Pomme loungewear can put the finishing touch on any bridal wardrobe. To make things better yet, the brand offers an embroidery service. Costing a mere $10 per garment, the brand will embroider initials onto the loungewear to create a garment that is “forever wearable, beyond the celebrations”.


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