Every Pitch Perfect Fan Will Have Lots of Feelings About This New Trailer

Anna LaPlaca

Fans of the nerdy, loveable group of Bellas in the Pitch Perfect movies will have a lot of feelings about this movie trailer. Universal Studios announced that the third movie in the series will be the last. The Bellas are feeling victorious after their winning trip to the world championships and are ready to set their sights on what's next for them. Pitch Perfect 3 follows the a cappella group after they have graduated uni as they emerge into the real world.

As the movie's trailer hints, the Bellas don't encounter an easy path in their post-grad singing careers. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, the quirky group gets back together for one last time to perform their original music and, of course, encounter some hilarious situations along the way. Keep an eye out for Pitch Perfect 3 when it hits theatres.

Check out the new Pitch Perfect 3 trailer below.

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