Everything You Need to Know About Pip Edwards’ New Label

Pip Edwards is a veteran in the Australian fashion industry. The creative director has worked for some of our most iconic brands—Ksubi, Sass & Bide and General Pants Co. and her influence is everywhere. From her trademark hair to her enviable denim collection, there’s a strong chance you’ve inadvertently styled something a certain way or worn something she’s played a part in behind the scenes.  

Today marks a new chapter in her story—the launch of active wear label P.E Nation with co-founder Claire Tregoning. And trust us when we say it’s good. Very, very good.

Keep scrolling to read our interview with Edwards, and discover how it came to be, what’s next and why her closet is bursting at the seams.


Vanessa Natoli for Stylerunner

Who What Wear Australia: Tell us about P.E Nation, how did it come about?

Pip Edwards: Well, it actually came about over a long lunch with friends! I’d worked with Claire (who is now my business partner) previously at Sass & Bide and there’s an amazing dynamic between us, we work so well together. Anyway, we were having this awesome lunch and I was talking about this line I wanted to do, and it all evolved from there! It’s been a very organic process, which I love. I think that’s how things have to roll. We have an amazing work history and share the same eyes and ears—a lot of that comes into play when you’re starting a new business, but we’ve fast-tracked past that. It’s been amazing. We have the same gut feel about things so it’s great to be on the same page.

WWW: How long has P.E Nation been in the pipeline for?

PE: Just over a year!


Vanessa Natoli for Stylerunner

WWW: What do you want to bring to the athletic and fashion market?

PE: I’m a super active person, and I think a lot of active brands claim to be this multi-purpose gym to street wear, but we actually do it. It’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice. Women are wearing active wear day-to-day and I feel that P.E Nation will provide that woman what she needs. My business partner and I, we’re mothers and career women—we juggle a lot of things, and P.E Nation gets us from A to B. We’re time poor and constantly juggling. I go from meetings to events to school—everything. All I need to do, is switch in and out of a few pieces and change up my shoes. P.E Nation gets me through all those occasions.

WWW: How do you imagine the label being worn?

PE: I would love to see it being worn back with denim. The transition in and out of active and leisurewear is how I see P.E Nation. And swapping an amazing pair of kicks for an amazing pair of heels.

WWW: What has been your game-changing fashion moment?

PE: Working at General Pants Co. was a bit of a game-changer for me—it brought me back down to street and taught me about comfortability and functionality, and that’s now impacted the vision for P.E Nation.


Vanessa Natoli for Stylerunner

WWW: What else do you have planned for 2016?

PE: P.E Nation will be breaking out into other categories… I can’t quite talk about it yet! But it’s a quick expansion. And we’ll be taking the label global and heading overseas.

WWW: What are your favourite pieces to wear from the collection? How would you style them?

PE: I really love The Rocky Mesh Tee ($109) and I love to wear that with a P.E Nation crop top underneath. I love the Sugar Ray Crop ($79) and wear it under a tank train in that, then swap out my leggings for something else. And I love wearing all of the jackets, they’re pretty unreal.

WWW: What Instagram accounts do you follow for style inspiration?

PE: I love Brooke Testoni, I’m always on Opening Ceremony and I love all my blogger friends for different reasons! You know what I’ve realised? I follow so many accounts on Instagram, I miss so many posts in my feed!

WWW: What’s your fashion security blanket? (I.e. the one item you’ll never part with)

PE: That’s pretty much half my wardrobe! I hold onto things for sentimental value. Every item has a story and I love that. This is currently why my house is bursting with clothes. I don’t necessarily wear them but I love the memory, the feeling, the time and place.

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Shot exclusively for Stylerunner

Photographer: Vanessa Natoli

Makeup Artist: Stefanie Pratico

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