This Is the Prettiest New Jewellery Trend

Aemilia Madden


Chances are you own a pair of pearl studs or a simple strand necklace you inherited somewhere along the way (from Grandma, perhaps?). Well, we've entered a new era of jewellery, and let's just say that if you thought pearls were too stuffy, prepare to be surprised. These days, there are tons of styles—pearl earrings, namely, but necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets too—that are bucking the mould and offering a cheeky, quirky or just-plain-cool way to wear them.

Whether you're looking to layer them with your other everyday pieces or are on the hunt for a statement piece (hello, single earring) to set you apart, we're pretty sure you're going to be on board with these styles. Because, while you'll always have a soft spot for those heirloom pieces, there's something to be said for reinventing the wheel—er, pearl—in a way that feels less antique and more of-the-moment. Read on now to shop our picks, broken down by category (so you can find just what you're looking for).

Now you're all set to give this revamped trend a try.

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