I'm Putting My Black Leggings on Hold for This Athleisure Trend

Anna LaPlaca

In my mind, anything that's good enough to make me put my go-to black leggings at the bottom of the pile is a pretty big deal. I've relied on my classic black athleisure clothing for so long, so anything activewear trend that attempts to come between me and my black leggings is probably one worth talking about. If you've paid even the slightest bit of attention to trends this season, you'll know that soft pastel hues saturated everything from denim to shoes. So it may come as no surprise that year's biggest athleisure trend is all about embracing these soft shades.

But I'm not just talking about pastel-coloured leggings. This season's colours are finding their way onto more unexpected items of athleisure clothing, too. Sage green sneakers and lavender exercise dresses are just a few of the items winning us over right now. And although we're seeing trendsetters from NYC to L.A. testing out colourful athleisure looks, it's even a trend that Princess Diana could get behind.

Ahead, see how to wear the pastel-coloured athleisure trend now and shop our favourite pieces.

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