The Trend Paris Hilton Will Never Wear Again

Michelle Scanga

Courtesy of Boohoo

When I had the chance to interview ’00s icon Paris Hilton, I immediately booked my next spray tan so I could do it nice and arrive in true colour for her. OK, so that’s a slight fib seeing as I already had it booked, but the timing was perfect. So off to the location where Hilton was shooting her campaign for the collection with Boohoo. Naturally, press met at the Beverly Hilton and then we were bussed (it was a chic “bus”—I promise) to the house where a production crew and Paris were located.

Paris was still wrapping up sections of the photo shoot, so I was greeted by her assistant and micropuppy Sparkle. I made myself comfortable and prepped a few last-minute questions, and then it was my turn to interview the former Simple Life star. Here’s my play-by-play because it’s worth sharing. I walk in the room and Paris is seated on a pristine pink velvet loveseat. I’m introduced, and we start the interview. As I’m rolling off my questions, all I can think about is how perfect her tan is and how good it smelled—I swear it even smelled like Funfetti mixed with cotton candy.

So why am I on this pretty pink couch with my early 2000s icon? I was getting the scoop on her collection with UK-based brand Boohoo. The princess of pink collaborated for an exclusive collection that launches on June 20. From an ode to her late sidekick, Tinkerbell, to the trend she’ll never wear again, keep reading to learn everything I chatted about with the woman who made “that’s hot” what it is today.

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