What to Expect From Paris Haute Couture Week

Sabrina Paparella

Paris Haute Couture Week is one of fashion's most anticipated events—and for good reason. Haute couture is one of the most identifiable areas in the industry. Striking, with a style that's impossible to define, haute couture blurs the lines between art and fashion. The pieces shown at the biannual Paris Haute Couture Week are significant because they not only influence ready-to-wear collections, but give designers a chance to push boundaries and explore new ground. Haute couture runways are an opportunity for designers to take risks and produce pieces that can usher in a new era for a fashion house. If intricate detailing and larger-than-life designs are what you love about fashion, then the shows at Paris Haute Couture Week are not to be missed.

Keep reading for what to expect at this month's spring/summer Paris Haute Couture Week.

Can you guess how many hours it takes to make a couture piece? Or how many seamstresses work on a single dress? Keep reading for the most unbelievable haute couture facts.

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