The Pain-Free Way to Break in Your Shoes

Nicole Akhtarzad

Slipping into a fresh pair of shoes can be an instant confidence boost, but not when your new kicks don’t feel as good as they look, especially if they’re made from leather or suede. Today, we’re bringing you an easy, at-home, and free way to break in or stretch your too-tight leather shoes, without putting any of the burden on your poor feet. Just follow these five easy steps:

1. Fill a freezer-strength Ziploc bag with water until it’s about half full.

2. Gently squeeze out the air before zipping it fully closed.

3. Place the bag of water in the shoe, or simply where the problem area is. (Tip: You can block off parts of the shoe with crumpled newspaper to keep the bag of water where you want it.)

4. Put the shoes in the freezer overnight, or until the water is completely frozen. As the water turns to ice, it will expand, stretching the leather with it.

5. Remove the shoes from the freezer, wait about an hour for the ice to thaw, then remove the bags. You’re done! 

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