I'm 5'2", and This Is How I Style Big Blazers Without Overwhelming My Look

Before you pull out all the stops (aka your biggest, warmest coats), oversized blazers are the perfect light layer to make it through fall in stylish comfort. The styling of throwing it on feels effortless and chic, and when it comes to options, there are tons. However, as someone who's 5'2", sometimes an outfit looks great in my head but after putting it together IRL, I tend to look as if I'm swimming in a sea of fabrics. Over the years I've gotten used to styling my petite stature and basically tricking people into thinking I'm taller than I am (it's a lifestyle). So while yes, I love an oversized 'fit more than the next person, there are a few outfit formulas I gravitate towards to stay on-trend but also keep in my comfort zone. 

That said, I've rounded up 15 outfits that have succeeded to be flattering with my height, but are also donned by some of your favorite fashion girls on the internet. They've styled this staple in easy and creative ways, so scroll ahead to take a look for yourself.  

Style tip: If you want to go for an overall oversized look but want additional structure, opt for a belt to add extra definition.

Style tip: Instead of layering with a sweater, layer a vest over a top for optimal warmth but also avoiding feeling uncomfortable and bulky. 

Style tip: Whenever I feel a little off while wearing a large blazer, I love to add a pair of knee-high boots. It immediately pulls everything together, (and makes me look cooler than I actually am.)

Style tip: Pairing all black with your blazer always makes for a streamlined look. Bonus points if you add a little leather into the mix. 

Style tip: If you want to layer—keeping it simple is the quickest way. A classic white button-down makes for an easy yet polished ensemble.

Style tip: Play around with the lengths of your look by pairing a shorter dress or cropped top under your blazer.

Style tip: Still into your relaxed outfits these days? Throw a blazer over your casual wear for an off-duty model vibe. 

Style tip: I love to color coordinate my tops with my blazer—it makes it look like you tried so much harder than you did. 

Style tip: If you're not into the longer hem on a blazer for you, look for a boxier cropped shape. It still gives you that oversized fit but plays with different proportions.

Style tip: '90s style jeans are my favorite new denim trend, and always make for a casual yet trend-forward look. My friend Sobi here is also 5'2", but you couldn't even tell by the way she styled herself. 

Style tip: Throw your blazer (it can be leather or printed) over a tonal look to keep it classic yet forward.

Style tip: A pair of structured trousers pair so well with an oversized blazer. Add a pair of heels or chunky boots for a street-style approved fit. 

Style tip: When wearing shoes with less of a heel, I like to pair my oversized blazer with jeans that have a higher hemline and a little more of a straighter structure.

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