Serious Inquiry: Am I "Skate" Enough to Wear Checkered Vans?

Anna LaPlaca

Recently I can't stop thinking about skate style. It first started when I noticed celebs like Sofia Richie were a fan of the skate sneakers. Once we established that 2018 is the year of streetwear, I started noticing streetwear outfits everywhere (as I'm sure you have too). Soon enough my fascination with the style narrowed in on the streetwear-adjacent skate style. You know the kind: grungy elements like chain belts, graphic t-shirts and Dickie's-style workwear pants are the style I'm talking about.

I wanted to know: does testing out skater style make me a poser? I'm envious of how skate kids pull of a nonchalant air of "cool", so I'll admit it: I even went so far as to Google "how hard is it to learn to skateboard?". Pretty hard, as it turns out.

I figured I'd stick with replicating the style via my wardrobe, mostly to avoid any unnecessary broken bones. I started with the one piece that's arguably the most "skate": checkered Vans. The black-and-white checkerboard graphics are unmistakable and, in my opinion, are what make them the most iconic. The Classic Slip-On was invented in 1977 in Southern California and from there became the go-to shoe for Venice Beach skate scene.

Decide for yourself: am I "skate" enough to wear the Vans?

Naturally, I wanted to test drive the sneakers for myself. I love a good sneaker as much as the next person, but I'm nowhere near a skater girl, no matter how much I listened to Avril Lavigne on repeat growing up (ask anyone in my family, 2003's Sk8er Girl was on repeat for a month straight).

Though as much as a chain belt always earns a double tap from me, . Jeans with XL cuff and a "seatbelt" style belt are the pieces I chose to play up the sneaker's grunge vibes. Below I'm sharing some of my outfits with checkered Vans that bridged skater style with my own style and the essential pieces to shop to get the look for yourself.

Your skater style starter pack

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