6 Winter Trends That Have Officially Expired

Winter is right around the corner, and if you're anything like me, you're already mentally preparing for your seasonal wardrobe shift. Naturally, fashion changes quite a lot over time which is why I am here today to chat with you about some of the winter trends that have, well, expired. If you still own or love any of the six "outdated" winter trends ahead, no, I am not saying you have bad taste or style. In fact, each of the expired trends listed ahead is still stylish, they are just less popular this year. 

If you thought I was going to leave you a list solely filled with the items not to buy, you were wrong. Along with each of the outdated trends ahead, I provided the new winter trend that is its direct counterpart. Including lots of leather, rain boots, and more, get ready to shop one of the most practical winter shopping guides around and use the expired trends merely as a way to minimize the stunning assortment of winter items that are cramming up your closet. 

Expired: Houndstooth
In: Flannel

Instead of preppy houndstooth prints, fashion girls are leaning toward classic flannels and plaids for the winter. From shackets to button-down shirts, this is certainly one of the go-to trends of the season. 

Staying in the vein of practical yet trendy footwear, the official 2020 replacement of hiking boots are rain boots. Still just as weather-friendly, these wellies are bubbling up everywhere and we expect the winter boot trend to only continue to gain steam through spring. 

Expired: Tweed
In: Leather

While tweed is certainly a classic, this year, we're seeing a major shift away from the textured fabric and toward all things leather. From pants to dresses to coats, leather has proven to be one of the biggest trends across most of the season's this year. 

Expired: Massive Puffers
In: Neutral Puffers

Remember when puffers used to be obnoxiously massive? It was literally the bigger the cooler, according to the fashion set. Well, times have changed, and now the rule is that the more practical the puffer (in terms of size and color), the better. 

Trust me—I know that teddy-bear coats are basically the pumpkin spice lattes of fall fashion, but I would be lying if I didn't admit to seeing a decrease in popularity amongst the outerwear trend in 2020. Instead, fashion girls are bundling up in classic wool wrap coats. Styled both open or tied closed, this basic coat trend is one that will look chic now and later. "Later" being years from now. 

Expired: Colored Tights
In: Prep-School Socks

By all means, use your favorite pair of wacky tights to brighten up your outfit (and your life) this winter season, but if you're trying to be 100% on-trend, it's nostalgic ankle and knee-high socks reminiscent of prep-school uniforms that we're seeing more of this year. 

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