You Won't See My Fellow Fashion Editors Wearing These 9 Shoe Trends This Summer

There's no one I trust more for fashion advice than my co-workers. I mean, they make a living off of researching trends and browsing the greatest retail sites. They always deliver with decisiveness and a great perspective, so I hit them up when I was clearing out my shoe section, and I'm sure you can understand why.

With so many trends floating around, I was curious to hear which ones Who What Wear editors are skipping and shopping. One overarching theme that you'll see in their responses is that most of us are saying goodbye to chunky and oversize footwear for sleek and chic styles. It seems like less will be more, and I couldn't be happier to hear that. Read on to find out which shoe trends are worth the splurge this summer.

Skipping: Chunky Sneakers
Shopping: Sleek Retro Styles

"I'm putting my super-chunky sneakers aside and opting for cool retro silhouettes instead. I'm actually currently testing out this Kyx subscription service. I'll basically be living in a pair of Nike, New Balance, or Golden Goose sneakers with denim cutoffs and an oversize button-down shirt this summer."

"I know they're trending hard right now, but you just won't see me in platforms this summer. When I want to amp up my look, I'm instead favoring sleek mules that are easy, versatile, and '90s inspired. I wear them constantly with everything from relaxed jeans to minidresses, and I know it's a trend that will have longevity in my closet."

Skipping: Chunky Loafers
Shopping: Fisherman Sandals



"I'm setting aside my chunky loafers that feel a little too weighty for the warm-weather months. Instead, I'll be wearing cool and comfortable fisherman sandals that exude a luxurious look."

Skipping: Cowboy Boots
Shopping: Something With More of an Edge

"Though I won't be getting rid of my cowboy-boot collection for good, I will be stowing them away for a bit starting this summer and opting for more rugged and edgier boots instead. Kicked off with Balenciaga's Cagole boots, the rough-around-the-edges boot trend is all I can think about for summer. I'd pair it with minidresses, maxi dresses, and skirts as well as cutoffs."



"It wasn't a conscious decision, but I don't really wear stark-white shoes anymore. They were so popular a few years ago, and they just feel a bit dated now. What I am shopping for lately is color. I recently realized that all of my shoes are neutral colored, so I promptly ordered a pair of orange sandals."

Skipping: Traditional Espadrilles
Shopping: 2022 Updates on the Classic Style

"Traditional espadrilles will probably come back in the future, but for now, I'm not as into them. Instead, I'm eyeing fresh, new takes on the classics."

Skipping: Dad Sneakers
Shopping: Strappy Sandals

"When it comes to shoe trends for summer, I'm passing on the dad sneakers. This trend used to be the sneaker vibe everyone was obsessed with, but personally, I'm over it. Instead, I'll be wearing strappy, heeled sandals all summer. You can style them with basically every outfit, from midi-dress looks to jeans with a good button-down. Strappy sandals feel fresh and youthful to me, and I'm looking forward to wearing them all season."

"As much as I love heels and am obsessed with seeing Barbie shoes on other people, I've come to the stark realization that I own way too many pairs of heels at this point. So this summer, I'm going to try to bring more practical shoes into my life by adopting the ballet-flat trend. It's the perfect way to wear cozier shoes and wear something cute!"

Skipping: Flat Flip-Flops
Shopping: Buttery-Soft Leather Sandals

And finally, it's my turn! It wasn't long ago that we saw a resurgence of the normcore flip-flops all over fashion people. That moment was something I never got into. I love dressing up, so I am going to continue to pass on that style. What I'm loving right now is how elevated soft, folded leather sandals look. They look so expensive (even when they're not) and make an outfit feel so of-the-moment.

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