Rejoice! Oprah Just Told Us Her Favorite Fashion Things on Amazon


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It’s here, it’s here! Oprah’s Favorite Things come but once a year, and she has again partnered with Amazon to release a list that can conveniently be at your doorstep in two days flat. Naturally, we navigated to the fashion section first and promptly felt the need to share her picks. Why? Well, Oprah is our kind of girl. The kind of girl who can fall “truly, madly, deeply in love with a pair of pj’s” and describes most tracksuits as “schlumpadinka.”

In fact, she is so truly entertaining that we want to hire her to write our product captions. Just let us know, Oprah. Beyond witty copy, though, she stands behind each product that makes the cut and seems to have tested them herself. Her stamp of approval is akin to how the Brits have products with royal warrants that are queen-approved. After all, she is our version of royalty. But don't let us hold us you up any further. Scroll down to shop your heart out, and as Oprah suggests, don't forget to pick up something for yourself too.

"These slippers aren't just for shuffling around—with an orthotic footbed, they're bound to put a spring in your step. I slipped them on and thought I was walking on cloud fluff." — Oprah

"Favorite Things all started because I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with a pair of pj's and wanted to share them with you guys. Some things never change. These are soft, flattering, and timeless." — Oprah

"I absolutely adore hoops and pearls, so I'm excited to embrace this stylish take on two of my great passions. A happy marriage indeed!" — Oprah

"Like a Onesie for grown-ups, this jumpsuit is a pleasure to wear on a long trip because you can curl up in it and still look fresh when you get where you're going. The stripe down the leg sure does slenderize." — Oprah

"Can you have too many white shirts? Maybe, but it's still worth making room for this black-trimmed, chic-all-over number. It could win fashion MVP in any woman's closet." — Oprah

"These faux yet remarkably furry knitted mittens will keep your fingers toasty when the weather outside is fit for yetis." — Oprah

"The fabric is warm but lightweight, the hood protects against wind and drizzle, and there's nothing like peplum to carve out an instant waist." — Oprah

"When I saw these perfect-for-winter purses, I thought, Chic! WhenI learned they're made from vegan leather and faux shearling? Superb!" — Oprah

"Water-resistant on the outside, down on the inside, a removable faux-fur-trimmed hood, deep pockets—and you can wear these maxi coats without feeling like you've been swallowed whole. This is the coat of the season!" — Oprah

"I'd be happy to receive one of these cashmere V-neck sweaters, which means I'd be happy to gift them, too. The silk back and sleeves provide a feminine twist and separate them from everything else in your sweater drawer." — Oprah

"Super-cushy Pudus slipper socks were a real crowd-pleaser when we wore them at my house last Christmas. Now we'll give this year's boot socks a try." — Oprah

"Tory Burch does it again! There are an awful lot of schlumpadinka tracksuits out there that just say 'Put me back on my couch—I give up,' but these are brunch-appropriate." — Oprah

"If Wonder Woman ever needed to winterize her magical cuffs, she'd probably slip on these hand-sewn Justin Gregory shearling fingerless gloves. I'll just rely on mine to stay stylishly warm while driving, walking the dogs, and texting." — Oprah

"I promise, your mom will love this! I'd stay in it all day and then add pearls for dinner. Okay, maybe not the pearls part." — Oprah

"These sneakers are casual enough for a workout but dressy enough for a post-squat-thrust lunch date. And if the man in your life is a fan, they come in his size, too." — Oprah

"Keep tabs on out-and-about essentials like ChapStick and keys with these removable handbag organizers built with long-lasting LEDs. So easy to shift from a workday satchel to a weekend purse." — Oprah

"The words you see below are the ones I want my girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy to use to describe themselves. Now they can wear a delicate reminder right on their wrist." — Oprah

"I tip my cap to these completely cute, wonderfully wild hats that let your kiddo tap into his or her inner monkey, bear, wolf, and more." — Oprah

"I dare you to talk anybody out of wearing one of these velvety-soft pieces with a cozy kangaroo pocket every wintry weekend!" — Oprah

"Four RFID-protected card slots, two separate inside compartments, and a detachable crossbody strap, all in one cute little vegan leather bag, can mean only one thing: Gayle King, my purse-loving BFF, bought these for everybody she knows!" — Oprah

"A good men's bag is hard to find, but one look at these dashing tweed-patterned wool pieces will have you planning a trip to the Scottish Highlands with a special lad. Are ye with me?" — Oprah 

"These faux-fur neck warmers are part scarf, part stole, and one-hundred-percent nuzzly." — Oprah 

"Our magazine's young and hip interns assure me that these sumptuous, satin-lined, fake-fur vests are very on-trend. Go faux!" — Oprah

"Kids are getting involved in politics like never before, so it’s not too soon to outfit your future POTUS in a statement-making Love Bubby tee or one-piece." — Oprah 

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