It's Time for Havaianas to Make a Comeback, and Here's All the Proof You Need

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are undeniably fashion icons, and though they stay away from the public eye these days, we still find ourselves turning to the twins for fashion inspiration. While scrolling through @olsensanonymous lately, our favourite IG page dedicated to the twins’ style, there’s one shoe style that keeps drawing our attention. So simple and so easy, the humble rubber thong seems to be staple of the Olsens’ wardrobes—and now, we’re convinced that it’s a look we should bring back.

Wearing the simple slides with everything from flowy dresses to flared jeans, the Olsens have us convinced that the simple shoe deserves a resurgence in 2018. Not only are they comfy, but their simplicity keeps an outfit looking casual without distracting from the rest of the look. One tip to follow if you’re convinced it’s time to pull out your old Havaianas: Stay away from colour.

In true Olsen form, the twins always opt for a black pair it seems, so we’re suggesting you do the same. As much as we love the bright colour trend this season, if you’re opting for thongs it’s best to stay away from brights so as to avoid looking like you’re replicating your pre-teen wardrobe. For guidance on how to wear the thongs, click through the gallery below for some Olsen inspo. We’ve even found a pair for you to buy and try, if you’re feeling super keen.