Olivia Palermo's Style Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

If it were up to us, we would share a closet with Olivia Palermo in a second. Consistently striking the perfect balance between classic and modern, feminine and cool, her looks are spot-on every time. Over the years, she has even developed a signature style that remains true to her personal aesthetic. The best part about it? While she’s always stepping out in cool new looks, she has a tendency to re-wear her favorite pieces—meaning we can reliably look to her to see various tricks for styling her closet staples.

Olivia Palermo’s street style always draws our eye, but some of her iconic looks are among our favorites. In some, she demonstrates a mastery of mixing high and low, while others are showstopping, head-to-toe couture. There’s no question that she’s one of our favorite style icons, but what are her best looks ever?

Read on to see Olivia Palermo’s most iconic outfits.