How to Style Your Ripped Jeans Like Olivia Palermo

Bobby Schuessler

Olivia Palermo is basically synonymous with perfect style. It doesn't matter if she's heading to an event or simply hitting the streets of NYC, she consistently looks flawless (cue up Beyoncé). After scrolling through snaps of her for inspiration, we realised that there's actually one common denominator in a lot of her best street style looks—she always wears ripped skinny jeans.While this denim silhouette has been scrutinised in the fashion world as being "out" for seasons, Palermo further proves that the look is definitely a classic at this point—and can instantly make any look feel cool and forward.

Below, we rounded up some of our favourite moments of Olivia in ripped skinnies. Invest in a pair or dig out a style you already have in your closet and you'll instantly capture her vibe like that

Go on for Palermo inspo—and shop some of our favourite skinnies of the moment, too. 

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