What Olivia Palermo Would Buy From Old Navy

Nicole Akhtarzad

Upon recently seeing Olivia Palermo step out in this $10 tee from none other than Old Navy, we started to wonder what else would she buy there. Seeing as we do follow her every move outfit, we thought we’d take a stab at guessing—keeping in mind her love of colours and textures, layering, accessories, denim, and more. Well, we’re pleased to say that after spending some time on the site, we think we’ve narrowed what OP’s top picks would be down to a T,. 

Scroll through to see how she styled her Old Navy tee, then continue to shop the pieces we think she would buy from the affordable retailer!

So what do you think—did we nail Palermo’s style? See a round up of her most recent fashion month outfits then sound off in the comments!

Opening Image: Splash News

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