Are These Olivia Palermo's Best Fashion Month Outfits Ever?

Allyson Payer

Try as we may, Olivia Palermo simply has too many stellar looks throughout fashion month to cover them all. Per usual, Palermo visited all four cities on the A/W 17 fashion month calendar, often doing several outfit changes in one day. You don't have to do the maths to realise that's a lot of outfits. So how did we go about narrowing it down to the top six looks? It wasn't easy, thanks to the fact that Palermo's outfits only get better season after season. But the six looks that we chose are all classic Olivia Palermo looks, featuring her trademark accessories, interesting print, fabric, and colour pairings, and impeccable layering and styling tricks. 

While most of us don't have a closet filled with designer duds like Palermo, the way she puts these outfits together is a skill that we can all study and use to apply to our own wardrobes. Now that's sartorial inspiration.

Keep scrolling to see our top six Olivia Palermo looks from the A/W 17 fashion month, and let us know what your favourites are in the comments! 

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