Olivia Palermo's Genius Trick for Making Mini Lengths Look High End

Amanda Stavropoulos

It’s absolutely no secret that we worship Olivia Palermo—from her gym outfits, to her Zara shopping habits, and even the way she carries her handbag, she’s an endless source of inspiration. A regular day in the Who What Wear Australia office is spent dissecting OP outfit formulas and asking ourselves—why does she always look so flawless? What is it about even her simplest outfits that actually look runway-worthy? Why can’t we be her?

Today’s discussion has led us to the fact that she always makes mini-lengths for day look high end, proving that it can be possible to wear a short skirt during work hours and still look elevated. Olivia’s trick? She always pairs her short hemlines with flats—sneakers, ballet flats, loafers, brogues, ankle boots—whatever she chooses always looks sophisticated.

Next time we reach for our short denim skirts or shift dresses, we’re going to steal OP’s trick and go for flats. Keep scrolling to see seven of her best outfits for proof, and then shop some new flats for yourself.

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